Dharma is service, duty, purpose! It is the enterprise, the opportunity to express the true essence of what you are or who you aspire to be. We at Dharmasoundlabs approach the business of music composing, production, dubbing and artist development with a view to enhancing the vision of the given project. High definition sonics alongside 30years of experience bring a certain calm to any production situation.


In 2014 the levels of toxin in the eco system have risen by 30%. With a holistic approach to everyday life the risk of illness and the preservation of good health can be achieved by balance. Physically, mentally and emotionally. We will be sharing videos, opening debates,and generally raising awareness about this subject. By posing questions , and provoking thought on certain presuppositions.



The current lab was started in 2007. After 30 years of work in top end recording studios and an equal amount of time developing a cognitive strategy for fast turnaround product, Dharmasoundlabs will afford a high level of quality control to all our clients. Recent work with Wretch32 ,Dizzie Rascal, Nellie Bell , Lil Nikki, Sinead O'Connor, Riahanna, David Bowie prove this statement.


Abstract sound, in Sanskrit, is called Saut-e-Sarmad . All space is filled with it. The vibrations of these sounds are too fine to be either audible or visible to the material eyes and ears. When one looks at this subject from an eastern point of view the idea of music originates from intuition. Music according to ancient people was not a mechanical science or art: music was the first language. For what art cannot portray, poetry explains: and what poetry cannot explain is expressed by music.

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CSR Strategy : inside & OUT

Earlier this year, singer-songwriter Nellie Bell worked with her team to innovate a new business model to raise private investment, enabling her to record, mix and master her album on her own terms. To do this she set up Nellie Bell Ltd in order to make and share music her way, allowing her to retain her publishing and recording rights and keep control over how she develops her career.  And, by integrating her three passions of music, young people and empowering women, she is building a new kind of company where people, profit and place have equal standing.


Nellie Bell grew up in Australia but her family’s roots lie off the coast of North Africa on the small island of Malta. The mixture of influences that create that island’s culture also informs Nellie’s music. She loves to make music that communicates quickly, is accessible and melodic, but her songs also display a remarkable originality, an unexpected tendency to take the listener down new and exotic pathways. Nellie is a composer and an accomplished pianist and singer.

“I write music to heal myself. Sometimes I have painful experiences that make me write to express my truth. It’s what lies deep deep down inside that I find hard to get out into words when I speak. Through music, I channel something that makes me feel happy and brings my spark back! I also write a lot about love and what it means, and how there are so many layers to it and so many different kinds of love. I also realise now that I write about love to help me love myself more.”


“I recently got a Tattoo, which symbolizes change and transformation which I chose to put on my heart. It also represents commitment to music for life and freedom."

Nellie’s focus has been on composing and recording her music, but she has also been exploring new ways to manage the business side of things as the music industry shifts and narrows, as well developing new ways of working so that doing good business is good business.


As well as composing and performing, Nellie has 13 years’ experience working with young people in schools and informal settings.  Nellie aims to nurture emerging talent as well as support young people and the wider community to reach their full potential. She is exploring a number of initiatives and partnerships to assess how best to invest in activities that will do both, within the business and community setting, ensuring there are pathways and connections throughout. Current discussions include:





In 1986 Ray Hayden opened Opaz Recording Studios in Hackney, by 1992 Opaz had become one of the leading recording studios for black music in London and he started Opaz Productions. Its first record, Martine Girault's Revival, went straight to Number 1 in the Dance Chart and Ray went on to become an internationally renowned producer and singer and Opaz an established independent record label. His credits also include Mica Paris, Marvin Gaye, Will Smith, Mary J Blige and his work has featured in major Hollywood films, TV shows and advertising. Ray used his position and resources to co-found The British RnB Association which brought about the first official Black Music Chart in the UK. The RnB Chart was essential as a reference for the American market for the successes of artists and musicians hoping to export their work to that territory. It was published weekly in Music Week magazine and the Top 30 was counted down every Sunday on Kiss FM, hosted by Trevor Nelson.

By 2002 he gave regular Master Classes in Production and Mixing at Guildford Music Academy, hosted seminars for the Musicians' Union and was approached to set up a college with a local charity based in Hackney Wick called UXL to teach music technology to people with learning

disabilities, long term unemployed, problem kids and parolees. Between 2002 and 2006, 526 students acquired the Opaz City & Guilds qualification and many went on to full time careers in the music industry. When the lease to his Hackney studio expired he acquired new studio premises in St Johns Wood a stones throw from London's famous Abbey Road Studios. where his associates Dharma Sound Labs run a state of the art production and mastering facility and also provides a home to Solar Radio, the world's leading soul music internet radio station.


With the development of the internet and digital technology he broadened his activities, learning 3d arts, website and computer game design he consolidated his studios, production and label activities under the new banner of Opaz Multimedia. Ray has spent the last 3 years developing a multimedia project at Agatha Crup .co.uk is essentially a graphic novel but with the option to jump into scenes as playable computer games. Although the project is still in its infancy you can view it here www.agathacrup.co.uk





I have enjoyed immensely a rich and varied learning journey which has, to date, spanned educational leadership in challenging circumstances, to CEO of one of the larger Awarding Organisations and education charities in UK (ASDAN), to a career as a professional musician and producer/arranger.

I am now a Director at Achievement for All, an educational charity that I have been privileged to have actively supported (in one way or another) since its genesis. My responsibilities include the commissioning and creation of interactive web content to support the professional development of around 45,000 teachers and leaders in over 2000 schools

I continue to support school Improvement through my consultancy practice, SCiP5 Education and Media, building on a set of principles which are really important to me:

-Cooperation over competition

-Inclusion over elitism, and

-celebrating and spreading best practice based on evidence from front-line teachers, rather than the prevailing polemic of the day.

I am passionate about closing the gap between the workplace and the classroom.

I am passionate about closing the gap due to socioeconomic disadvantage.

The world is changing rapidly. So should the way we do education, the way we do politics and the way we do business... in what should be more enlightened times!



Dharma youth is represents the youth branch of the Dharma label, and is focused on developing young talent and a distinctive, stimulating new sound.

I myself have an extensive musical background growing up in a household of music lovers, and my exposure to a large variety of different forms of music has helped to shape me as a musician and person. My broad listening background ranges from hip-hop and jazz to rock and world music from a variety of regions. More recently I have developed my knowledge of pop and dance music, thanks to some experiences in a few of the premier recording studios in London. My time spent in these environments has also massively benefited my own beat making and engineering skills. I have been developing these skills since an early age and through extensive ear training and I feel I have acquired a unique skill set, which has helped to define my own production style.

I hope to help cultivate an interesting, progressive new sound through Dharma Youth by combining the highly polished, captivating sound of modern day pop music, with a creativity, consciousness and positive message, which I feel it can somewhat lack nowadays. I myself am a big fan of hip-hop culture and I also hope we can re-access the consciousness hip-hop was founded on.

I also have some experience playing piano/keyboards in live performance groups as well as limited experience with bass and drums. Having experience in live performance, I also hope this can become a big element in Dharma Youth.

The Dharma Youth project offers a unique and exciting opportunity and if you have any questions, or you are interested in working with us, please get in touch.




Beau Blaise is a young engineer and the newest member of the Dharma Sound Labs team. Training from a young age in classical piano and jazz saxophone, he has a diverse and genre-spanning musical interest. A keen traveller, Beau has explored the musical traditions and practices of many cultures.


His most recent trip, to sub-Saharan Africa in 2013, enriched his knowledge of West African music, an experience much enhanced by learning to play the balafon with griot Sontou Diabate. Varied and eclectic influences continue to shape his musical style as a contemporary composer, electronic producer and songwriter. Beau is currently enrolled on the Tonmeister course at the University of Surrey.


Applying his understanding of recording practice and skills in audio engineering, he produces and engineers up and coming artists in professional quality recording studios. Joining Dharma Sound Lab he is looking forward to contributing his creative and mature approach to all aspects of the production process.

Ray Hayden. Director of Visual Arts

Nellie Bell. Director of Meditation

Richard Ajileye. Musical Director

Marius Frank. Director of Educo

Rohan Frank. Director of Dharma Youth

Beau Blaise Engineer at Dharma Youth

Olian Wyn-Frank. Director of Design & Merchandise